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The legend of Zelda series has earned its place in the gaming world for many reasons: The adventure, puzzles, music, excellent controls, atmosphere, all of this combines to make an exciting overall experience of your own quest to save the land. And like many other games, there are occasions when we want to replay and enjoy our favorite classic titles one more time. However, for the more hardcore fans and players, it may be quite an easy and simple task after the first or second run. You may find yourself just playing because you like the story and the game, so that special, epic, LEGENDARY boss battle that made you suffer and feel excited long ago…well, now you can clear it with your eyes closed.

“That half heart damage is because I answered the phone. Come on Ganny.”
Video games can have a nice story, atmosphere, characters, items, music, etc., but there is a very important element some of the industries are forgetting about lately; the true essence of those 80’s classic NES gems: The challenge. For a player to feel completely satisfied, he needs difficulty. If you never got a game over or were close to one in a game, there is probably something wrong with that game.
So, if you are already the expert of Hyrule and defeating Morpha is no more difficult than the Deku tree, here we give you 5 ways to turn that classic-beautiful-legendary title into a classic-beautiful-legendary-insanely challenging and fun game.

1. Speedrun

A speedrun is a play-through where instead of goofing around or just relaxing and playing the game at your pace, you focus every one of your actions in order to complete it as fast as possible. This is a great option for those that know the game like the palm of his hand, it gives you the feeling you are really good at the game, which is quite motivating. You can always try to find ways to reduce minutes or seconds of a single task.

“Yes, you go faster if you walk backwards. And yes, that is also a LOT of fun!”

2. Speedrun with bugs/glitches

This one is actually pretty hardcore and of course extremely challenging. The only problem is that it may be SO tough it can discourage some people, that or, it is the most fun ever waiting for you to discover it! It’s up to you. It’s basically a speedrun but in this one the player abuses every possible bug to skip sections and save time. These crazy runs are for example what allow A link to the past to be cleared in less than 5 minutes! What! You can search for these specific actions on the web, I really don’t know how people discover them but hey, it’s a blast to enter the spirit temple right after you create your game.


"I’m not sure Saria likes this…”

3.Three heart challenge

I love this one. It’s as simple as it sounds: You play all the game with only three hearts. No Heart pieces, Heart containers, Potions, not even fairies. That would be cheating! Instead of speed, the challenge here is all about survival. Are you up to this task?

“This is what turns boys into real men.”

4. 100% completion

On the contrary, if you have never obtained EVERYTHING there is to obtain in a game, and you prefer the challenge of collecting every Skulltula/Poe/Piece of heart/Chart/Stray fairy etc, this is the ideal quest to satisfy all your collector needs. Some of these are really, really hard without a guide (Of course you won’t use one!), so you can feel proud of your achievement.

5. Hero mode

A great feature in the latest games (More specific, Skyward sword, A Link between Worlds and The Wind waker HD) only available after you clear the game once. Here you don’t need to worry about creating your own difficulty; this mode alone makes everything deal double damage to you (Or x4 in A Link between Worlds! Scary!). Of course, you are free to combine it with the three heart challenge…if you really are into pure pain.

So there you go, now go out there and meet your Demise! Pun intended for those playing Skyward.

October 06, 2015 by Kane Avellano
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