History of the Gorons

Goron Boss Ocarina of TIme

The first time we get to see Gorons is the Ocarina of Time game. There Link finds them living on Death Mountain in Goron City while Link is still a child. They guarded the Spiritual Stone of Fire which they know as the Goron’s Ruby. Link tries to get the Goron’s Ruby however he must first unblock the entrance of Dodongo’s Cavern before the Goron will give him their Ruby. After Link has awoken as an Adult, he again visits the Goron on Death Mountain with the hopes of finding the Fire Medallion. However, he finds Goron city empty except for the Goron named Link, son of Darunia. Upon entering the Fire Temple, Link finds Darunia and with his help defeats Volvagia and returns the Gorons to Goron City.

Goron Elder Mother Majoras Mask

Link finds the Gorons in the Snowhead area north of Termina in Majora’s Mask. The Goron villages had been plagued by harsh snows which change the warm environment they were used to. Darmani when to investigate, but died along the way. Link heals his soul and is offered the Goron Mask in return. Using the mask, Link is able to calm the Baby Goron and unfreeze the rest of the Gorons using Hot Spring water found at Darmani’s grave.

Goron Oracle of Ages

There are many more Gorons in the game Oracle of Ages where they can be found on the peaks of Rolling Ridge in Labrynna as well as at the base of the mountain. There are more Gorons in the past than in the present which might mean that they either died or migrated to a different area. Gorons are known for growing Bomb Flowers in the past however the Great Moblin created a fortress and hoarded the bombs for himself. Link defeats the Great Moblin and returns the bombs to the Gorons allowing them to save the Goron Elder (who looks a little like Darunia from Ocarina of Time).

Goron Biggoron Oracle of Seasons

Gorons are found in a cave on Mt. Cucco in Oracle of Seasons near where the Temple of Seasons once stood. These Gorons don’t seem to have any elder although the Biggoron does still live with them. Link must cure Biggoron of his cold with a Lava Soup which he is rewarded for with a rare Goron Vase. There is also a red solitary Goron who gives Link a ring box which allows Link to wear 3 rings instead of 1.

Majoras Mask Traveling Salesman goron proof
In Wind Waker, Gorons are seen as traveling salesmen. Although they wear hats that over their faces, Link can blow their hats off with the Deku Leaf and learn that they are Goron. Their race seems to have diminished most likely because of the Great Flood. These merchants can be found on different islands and each has different goods to trade.

Gorons in Four Swords Adventures are found on Death Mountain again and these Gorons are always seen wearing some type of clothing. The Gorons are attached by the Helmaroc King, however, they had figured out how to bring down the bird by throwing bombs at him. Their mountain was caught on fire and the 4 Links put the flames out and defeat the Helmaroc King.

Goron Biggoron Minish Cap

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There are very few Gorons that appear in the Minish Cap. Six Gorons appear in a cave near Lon Lon Ranch, one Goron Merchant that is seen throughout the game, and the final Goron being Biggoron. Link helps a Goron that is found trying to punch a hole into the cave by Lon Lon Ranch. Link then uses the Kinstones to make more Gorons appear to help move rocks from the entrance.

Goron Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess Gorons are found on Death Mountain, however, they look very different from their ancestors. Their skin is very yellow in appearance and they have more hard in the form of rocks on their back and arms. They are governed by 5 Gorons, a Patriarch, and 4 elders. They have developed a way to climb faster by having someone stand on top of them and then shooting them up into the air. Gorons are also able to stay under water without needing to breathe.

Gorons Spirit Tracks

Gorons can be found on the uniquely named Goron Island in the Phantom Hourglass game. Links uses their treasure the Crimsonine to help him forge the Phantom Sword. In order to get this treasure, however, Link must pass Biggoron’s quiz. Once Link has passed the quiz, Biggoron’s son Gongoron runs off and is caught in a maze. Link rescues him and Biggoron impressed with his bravery allows Link to leave the island mentions that all the Gorons have to leave the island at some point.

In Spirit Tracks, the Gorons live in Goron village within the Fire Realm and are ruled by a Goron Elder. They worship the Mountain Goddess who has a spiritual connect with Kagoron. Kagoron grants Link access to the Fire Sanctuary after he extinguishes the flames with the Mega Ice.

Gorons Skyward Sword

Gorons are one of five Surface tribe in Skyward Sword, however, Link only sees 3 throughout the game. 2 Gorons can be found in the Lanayru Desert while the last explores as an archaeologist. A Goron named Gorko tells link about the Isle of the Goddess and with Link’s help is able to figure out the riddles of the Goddess Wall at the Sealed Grounds.


Gorons are definitely one of the most established races in the Legend of Zelda games. They help Link numerous times and are a vital part of his adventures.Ocarina of Time Power Bracelet Ring ZoS.co

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reinapantera said:

Love it Although that in windo walker there were no Gorons I must play it again to see that cause I was wandering why there were those flying things on the volcano island ?

Goron in the mud

Goron in the mud said:

Big brother darunia is my 1st goron I met. I fell in love with them then been a fan since. The music darunia dance lol. I am near 50 in human years and 120 in goron. I hope some day they get a spin off of their own. So there stories get told. Darunia…daruk.. darmani..dangoro. darbus and gor coron. Oh bludo. And any other I miss. Love them


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