12 hole Ocarina of Time Replica - Includes Legend of Zelda Songbook + Extras : Brown / Triforce

£34.99 GBP

While you may not have an ocarina in the family that has been handed down for generations, you can enjoy the next best thing with our faithful, fully playable replica of the Ocarina of Time.


Shop for our diverse selection of hand crafted ocarinas including the Legend of Zelda Ocarina, 12 holeocarinas and song books. Worldwide shipping!

This kiln-fired, handcrafted blue ocarina features a metallic silver band emblazoned with the Triforce on its neck, and is easy to learn to play. It has been tuned by professional musicians to ensure the best possible playing experience.

Our dark blue ocarina is presented with a stylish brown drawstring bag, decorated with the Triforce, and makes a fantastic gift for any lovers of the Legend of Zelda games.


▲ Measurements of 6’’ in length and 3.5’’ depth
▲ The 12-Hole Ocarina has Alto C Tuning
▲ Limited Edition 'ZOS' Drawstring Bag 
▲ 2 Necklaces option to attach to the Ocarina (1 String, One Premium)
▲ 'ZOS' 12 Hole Ocarina Songbook, Includes over 10 songs, a Finger Chart and Scale
▲ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with Gold Printed 'ZOS' Logo (New for 2015)