The Goron Bracelet Ring

£29.99 GBP

Appearing throughout the majority of the Legend of Zelda series, the imposing Gorons possess a huge amount of physical strength. While we can’t guarantee that our Goron bracelet ring will provide you with the same attributes as these mountain-dwelling creatures, we can guarantee that this high quality ring is a subtle yet stylish way of showing your appreciation for the Zelda series.

Designed to resemble the Goron Cuff from Ocarina of Time, our gold-plated Goron ring may not allow you to pick up Bomb Flowers, but at least this Zelda ring will allow you to look the part…


▲ Ring Size Highest Point: 15mm
▲ Ring Band Size : 8mm
▲ Ring Thickness: 2mm
▲ 18k Gold Plated
▲ Custom Velvet Bag Size: 3" by 3.5"


6 ...... L ..... 51.5
7 ...... N ..... 54
8 ...... P ..... 56.5