Zelda Retro Heart Container Inspired Tie Clips

£9.99 GBP

While some display their hearts on their sleeves, you can now display your Heart Container on your tie with our stylish, gold-plated Heart Container tie clip.

Show the world that you have maximum health with this stunning design, which shows the Heart Container full to its capacity. Even those who are not conversant with the Zelda series may recognise the gaming connection with this tie clip’s artfully pixelated design.

This tie clip is the perfect way to add a touch of your own personality to a formal outfit, for work, for a wedding or for any other formal occasion.


▲ Heart Container Size: 20x20mm
▲ Tie-Clip Length:  2"
Premium Stainless Steel (316l) Base
▲ 18k Gold-plating
▲ Packaged in our hand stamped Gold Foil 'ZoS' Velvet Bags.
▲ Custom Velvet Bag Size: 3" by 3.5"