Majoras Mask Necklace Set

£89.99 GBP

Fans of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will recognise these necklaces instantly: a stunning piece that faithfully replicates the powerful and ancient masks themselves!

Zelda fans will be pleased to know that the Majora’s Mask necklace set will not bestow any evil powers on those who wear it: instead, it will simply signify the wearer’s love for this game in the Zelda series.

The gold-plated Majora’s Mask pendant is cut to the shape of the mask, with cut-out eyes and a narrow, gold-plated chain that makes it a striking and elegant gift for all Zelda series fans.

This packaging Includes the full Collection of Majoras Mask Necklaces , for the individual information and sizes, see the specific product pages below 

Individual Mask Necklaces

Majoras Mask

Zora Mask

Goron Mask

Deku Mask