Zelda Triforce Inspired Pin Badge

£4.99 GBP

Whether worn attached to an item of clothing or a bag, this ZoS Triforce pin badge takes its inspiration from the golden relic that was left behind by Farore, Din and Nayru after the creation of Hyrule.

This 18k gold plated Triforce badge signifies the ultimate power source, its gleaming triangles representing power, courage and wisdom surrounding a black centre, which truly makes the pin stand out.

Packaged neatly in a black drawstring ZoS bag, this Zelda pin is the perfect gift for those looking for a stylish way of professing their love for the game, which can be worn either in a casual or a formal manner.


▲ Triforce Size: 20x20mm
▲ Premium Stainless Steel (316l) Base
▲ 18k Gold-plating
▲ Packaged in our hand stamped Gold Foil 'ZoS' Velvet Bags.
▲ Custom Velvet Bag Size: 3" by 3.5"