Zelda Inspired Triforce Cutout Ring

£29.99 GBP

Carry power, courage and wisdom around with you on your finger with this great Triforce band: a subtle yet impressive way of showing your Zelda credentials at all times.

This thick, gold-plated band features cut out triangles that create the Triforce: and carefully crafted to a high standard, this Zelda ring is the perfect gift for any Legend of Zelda series fan. While it’s unlikely that your wishes will be granted as a result of wearing this Triforce ring, it’s a great way of granting the wishes of your friends who appreciate great Zelda merchandise.


▲ Ring Height : 9mm
▲ Ring Thickness: 2mm
▲ 18k Gold Plated
▲ Custom Velvet Bag Size: 3" by 3.5"


6 ...... L ..... 51.5
7 ...... N ..... 54
8 ...... P ..... 56.5