Triforce Necklace

£24.99 GBP

What better place to keep a sacred relic than around your neck, where it can be in your possession at all times? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with our gold Triforce necklace: a beautiful gold-plated pendant that accurately depicts the three powerful golden triangles from the Zelda series.

This charming Triforce pendant hangs on a thin gold-plated chain: an understated piece that may not have the mythical powers of the original, but which allows you to proudly display your appreciation for the Golden Power that was bestowed on Hyrule when the goddesses departed.


▲ Triforce Pendant Size: 25mm (1") Sides
▲ Pendent Thickness 3mm
▲ Chain Length: 18"
▲ 18k Gold-plated Premium Stainless Steel (316l)
▲ Packaged in our hand stamped Gold Foil 'ZoS' Velvet Bags.
▲ Custom Velvet Bag Size: 3" by 3.5"